Board Nominations

The 2019 Call for Applications for Director-at-Large position has closed

The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)’s Board of Directors has one upcoming vacancy for a Director-at-Large.

Help us maintain diverse representation with a balance of skills, experience, and geographic diversity on our Board of 11 Directors.

The Nominating Committee welcomes all applicants. CFPC members interested in a leadership position are encouraged to apply or encourage a colleague to apply.

One nominee or multiple nominees, as applicable, will be shared with members. Members will then elect one Director-at-Large.

The CFPC’s Board of Directors is a multi-talented group of individuals who are expected to collectively possess the following skills and proficiencies:

  1. Knowledge of the CFPC
  2. Experience with boards and governance
  3. Experience in financials
  4. Experience in strategic planning
  5. Knowledge in risk management
  6. Understanding of legal matters
  7. Knowledge of not-for-profit organizations
  8. Familiarity with systems thinking
  9. Experience in government relations
  10. Experience in patient and health care advocacy
  11. Aptitude for stakeholder engagement
  12. Comprehension of ethics and conflict of interest
  13. Possession of political acumen and understanding of public affairs
  14. Experience in communications

In addition, we are seeking the following attributes for the 2019 election. Please note that these are in alphabetical order. We are looking for family physicians who represent some or all of the following attributes and practice scenarios:

  • Hold a Certificate(s) of Added Competence and have a focused practice
  • Are Community-based
  • Are in their first five years of practice, or have been in practice less than 20 years
  • Are Indigenous
  • Are practising in Atlantic Canada or the Territories
  • Are in a rural area
  • Are a visible minority

Applicants are not expected to possess all of these attributes. We welcome all interested applicants.

How can you apply for the 2019 Board Director-at-Large position?

What can you expect during the application process?

Details of the Board’s list of nominees for the 2019 election.

What is the nomination and election process, as outlined in the CFPC Bylaws?

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