The Besrour Centre

The Besrour Centre is a hub of international collaboration advancing family medicine globally.



The Besrour Centre fosters collaboration to advance family medicine around the world.


The Besrour Centre will be guided by the following values:

  • Equity – by recognizing the inherent dignity of every human being and the just distribution of resources and access to marginalized and vulnerable groups
  • Justice – by ensuring that individuals and groups have fair and impartial access to the benefits of society, including the right to health
  • Excellence – by striving and adhering to the highest standards of quality, integrity, professionalism, leadership, and evidence-informed and patient-centred care
  • Reciprocity – by promoting the collaborative and multidirectional exchange of experience, knowledge, and capacity-building among partners and their communities
  • Respect – for each other’s cultures, norms, and perspectives 

Strategy priorities

The Besrour Centre aims to achieve its mission of fostering collaboration to advance family medicine around the world through four strategic priorities:

  • Help establish family medicine as the foundation of health systems around the world
  • Increase the adoption of training standards and accreditation in family medicine
  • Advance faculty training in family medicine
  • Strengthen continuing professional development for generalist physicians and primary care teams

Spheres of activity

Each strategic priority will be addressed through four spheres of activity:

  • Research and scholarship
  • Development and evaluation of tools and strategies
  • Consultation, knowledge transfer, and application
  • Dissemination and communication


Family medicine: Preventive and curative medical care, most commonly but not exclusively delivered in the primary care setting; involves a physician’s care and, in an increasing number of settings, includes care by allied care professionals working as teams

Family physician: A physician who provides effective, motivated, person-centred, comprehensive, community-informed, and competently trained (EMPCCCT) generalist medical care. The term general practitioner has also been used to describe this role.  

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