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February 2020

MiGroups: Powered by members

migroups  Over 2,500 members are active on MiGroups, a secure networking platform that connects
  Member Interest Groups Section (MIGS) members with similar interests.

  Each of our Section’s 19 Member Interest Groups (MIGs) has a virtual community on MiGroups to discuss clinical cases, share files, view events, and more!

Check out these examples:

The Health Care of the Elderly MIG uses MiGroups to ask clinical questions and contribute to discussions posted on interest-specific forums:


The Prison Health MIG shares files and documents to support colleagues and keep each other up to date:


All MIGS members can use MiGroups to access conferences and CPD events tailored to clinical interests:


[MiGroups] has emerged as the most useful communication tool that I have used to engage members of the Emergency Medicine community at the CFPC. Over 700 individual members have signed up to receive notifications relating to clinical tools and policy changes which directly affect them.
  — John R. Foote, BSc, MD, CCFP (EM) 
  Chair, Emergency Medicine Member Interest Group

Check out MiGroups to stay on the pulse of what’s new for family physicians and add your voice to our vibrant community. Sign up today!

January 2020

The Power of Peer Networking and Collaboration

More than 100 College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) members gathered over lunch at FMF 2019 to swap ideas, make connections, and learn about the incredible work of the Member Interest Groups Section (MIGS). The packed room was buzzing with energy as participants caught up with old friends and met new colleagues.

The MIGS is the largest of the CFPC’s five Sections. With 19 (and counting) different Member Interest Groups (MIGs), the Section supports members in their practice and provides a community where like-minded physicians from across Canada can connect. Every year the Section hosts a networking fair at FMF for members to learn about the work being driven by their peers and the CFPC to support their professional area of interests. This year’s event had the highest attendance yet and generated a record number of registrations of new MIGS members.

In 2019 the Section adopted the new MIGS name and a set of recommendations to more accurately reflect its renewed purpose. The FMF networking event offered a great opportunity to share information about these exciting changes, including work under way to reconfigure the Section’s 19 program committees to MIGs, and the new MiGroups online platform where peers can connect to ask questions and share ideas and practice support resources.

The MIGS did more than just networking at FMF—MIGS members contributed nearly 40 clinical sessions on a wide range of topics. One of these sessions was the high-impact Emergency Medicine Resident Simulation Showcase. Five teams of family medicine residents from Canadian residency programs managed complex clinical cases in front of faculty judges and a large audience. Another session focused on advance care planning (ACP). The enhanced clinical session was designed to equip family physicians with the tools and resources to initiate critical ACP discussions. Both sessions received excellent feedback!

It is exciting to look ahead and anticipate the impact of the redesigned MIGS. If you have not already signed up, don’t delay! You can participate in as many groups as you like, it just depends on your interests and schedule.

You can find information about the MIGS and links to each of its groups at, along with periodic updates about changes to the Section. To join MiGroups or to ask a question, please contact us at [email protected].

December 2019

Position Statement on Physical Activity

Created by our Sport and Exercise Medicine Program Committee, the 2019 position statement on physical activity provides an up-to-date, evidence-based message from the CFPC to the people of Canada regarding physical activity. It emphasizes physical activity as one of the most important health measures that family physicians can integrate into practice, as well as discuss and monitor with patients.

Background of the Member Interest Groups Section

In June 2019 the Section of Communities of Practice in Family Medicine became the Member Interest Groups Section (MIGS). This concluded a 16-month review process that was designed to guide the expansion of the Section beyond the 19 programs and 10,000 members it currently supports.

The strategic review undertaken—which involved extensive consultations with committee members, CFPC physician leaders, CFPC staff, and external organizations—highlighted the need for greater awareness of the Section and a broader mandate. Redesigning the Section allows the CFPC to address the wide and evolving interests of our members and to continue supporting members in a modern online community.

The Section’s new name marked the first stage of this transition. Input from CFPC members who already participated on the Section’s committees drove the selection of the new name, as our goal was to have it represent what the redesigned Section offers to members. 

Current Member Interest Groups

The MIGS comprises a number of programs, each of which addresses a particular area of special interest of our members.  

These programs cover a range of areas that members have asked us to include; they may be parts of their practices that offer comprehensive care or in some cases major or full-time commitments. The CFPC remains committed to supporting comprehensive, continuous care.

Family physicians with special interests are those family doctors with traditional practices offering comprehensive and continuous care, who act as the personal physicians for their patients, and whose practices include one or more areas of special interest as integrated parts of the broad scope of services they provide.

Family physicians with focused practices are those family doctors with a commitment to one or more specific clinical areas as major part-time or full-time components of their practices. 

Members are encouraged to join as many MIGs as they wish from the following list of programs:

Addiction Medicine 
Cancer Care
Child and Adolescent Health   
Chronic Pain
Developmental Disabilities 
Emergency Medicine
Enhanced Surgical Skills
Family Practice Anesthesia
Global Health

Health Care of the Elderly
Hospital Medicine
Maternity and Newborn Care
Mental Health 
Occupational Medicine
Palliative Care
Prison Health
Respiratory Medicine
Sport and Exercise Medicine

Sign up

To get started, go to your membership profile where you can indicate which program or programs are of interest to you. There will be no added fees or other requirements expected of you to become part of this College activity. We will pass your name on to the program coordinators so that you will be included in future communications and networking opportunities.

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