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New tool guides follow-up care after breast cancer

Your first appointment of the day is with a 66-year-old woman who recently completed treatment for breast cancer including lumpectomy, chemotherapy, trastuzumab, and radiation. She’s now on an aromatase inhibitor. She is seeing you for follow-up and asks what tests need to be done. To determine your next steps, you wonder where to look for guidelines …

Welcome to the  Breast Cancer Survivorship (BCS) Tool! 

Developed by the College of Family Physicians of Canada’s Cancer Care Committee through an extensive literature review, the BCS Tool consolidates fragmented care guidelines in one national, evidence-based document.

The BCS Tool was designed to educate family physicians and empower their patients who have completed curative therapy for breast cancer to follow their own care.

The user-friendly BCS Tool has four simple steps: 1. Know your patient; 2. Cancer surveillance; 3. Management of long-term side effects of treatment; and 4. Health promotion.

Available online, the BCS Tool can be used as a fillable PDF or printed for hard-copy use to ensure patients get the survivorship care they need after being treated for breast cancer.



Too many young women being screened for cervical cancer unnecessarily
Although screening for cervical cancer is not recommended for women 18 to 20 years of age, 49% to 90% of young women, depending on the province, had a Pap test between 2010 and 2013. The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer recently released Cervical Cancer Screening in Canada: What Primary Care Providers need to know, an infographic that lays out the things that you can do in your practice to help support informed decision-making around cervical cancer. Click here to view the link.


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